Welcome to my new Blog
Hi there.

I decided it was about time to move my blog over to my website. Woo!

This will be the place where I will update you on my work in progress, new work to be launched, any upcoming events I have, upcoming workshop news, studio news and a whole load of Lino Printing tips.

I hope you enjoy.

So if you're new to my site here's a little introduction on who I am.

I'm Kerry, I'm originally from London and I moved to Bath in 1994 to do a Ceramics degree at Bath Spa University College. When completed I decided to stay in the South West and eventually I moved to Bristol at the end of 1999 and have been here ever since. I love it, well most of the time, it has that London feel to it but smaller and it feels easier to get involved. It's a very arty city and there's always something to be involved with, like art trails, pop up shops and exhibitions.

I started being a full time artist back in 2006, and at that time I was mainly painting figurative work. Which I enjoyed at the time but after a while I lost interest in it and got more into printmaking. First starting with etching, then onto screen printing and then finally on to Lino printing.

It was several years ago that I had bit of a creative block and just decided to do a print of one of my many plants and I haven't stopped. You see I bloody love plants. I have over 100 of them dotted about my flat and in my studio. Some might ask where I fit them all and I will and can find space for more. In my opinion there is never enough plants.

In 2008 to 2011 I completed a MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking course at the University of the West of England. I think it was during this time that my confidence really grew. I met some lovely people, learnt a lot and took part in several group exhibitions. I also began teaching Lino Printing, which was something I never thought I would ever do, but someone saw my potential and offered me a regular class at Spike Print Studio. I now teach regular classes at Bristol Folk House and film online tutorials which you can see over on my YOUTUBE channel. At the time of writing this my face to face classes are not running due to the Covid Pandemic, however I am hopeful classes will resume soon this year.

I now have a lovely studio space at Pennywell Studios, and are on the first floor of a converted warehouse, in a huge room that used to house documents for an insurance company. It's now home to 69 creatives and makers: potters, painters, textile artists, architects, writers, programmers, and printmakers. It’s a massive open-plan space, cleverly divided up into units with repurposed wood pallets. Its surprisingly calm and cosy to work from; there’s a lounge-dining area, a meeting room, and even a sound-proofed shed for private phone calls!

It’s taken a little bit of time to get my space working for me. My desk space is where all my designing, lino chopping, and admin happens. I now have a printing area served by a press on wheels. That’s a handy bit of kit, both for positioning where I really need it, and popping it out of the way when not in use. I’m slowly filling my space up with plants, which are a constant inspiration for me. I have quite a collection, both at home and in the studio: they make me happy, which is vital for any workplace I reckon. I want a space to feel really comfortable in and from where I can be productive.

And finally I have the most adorable fluffy puss cat called Maris who gives excellent cuddles.

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