The Making Of a Copper Sculpture

A time-lapse video of a copper money tree sculpture being made.

Over the past few years I have gotten into silversmithing. I began by going to classes with KIM at Bristol Folk House and made some of my own silver jewellery.
I was then encouraged to make some sculptures based on my plants and my mini botanical sculptures were born.

They can be tricky and time consuming to make at times but I absolutely love making them.

So I thought you would like to see how I make one. Here's a time-lapsed video filmed over two days in my studio at PENNYWELL STUDIOS you can see how I begin the sculpture by cutting out the plant shape from a sheet of copper and filing down the edges.

I then begin to make the hollow base. To make this you start by essentially making a ring and then attaching the two sides remembering to create a little air hole to allow for hot air to escape as you really don't want red hot metal exploding.

Once the sides are attached and filed down I then attach the cut out plant shape to the base.

And to finish off I will file any rough edges and give it a polish, which is still yet to be done.

I hope you enjoy seeing the process of how I made one of my copper money tree sculptures.

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